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Reflections on the Westwind Experience

“A HomeWise Docs Representative has indicated that their company is creating a (structural safety and soundness lender questionnaire bundle) package NATIONWIDE due to Westwind’s PIONEERING of putting together something to suffice the lender requests. That was inspiring to know that Westwind is setting the bar!"
Vendor Partner, 3/2022

"Please pass on how much I have appreciated our communities Administrative Assistants help. Responsive and gracious they are and I am so thankful to have their help. What a difference the management team has made at Westwind.... present company included - indeed!"
Client Homeowner, 1/2022

"As a real estate professional, one knows about the challenges that come with HOA management companies. The Closing Services Administrator was very helpful on two separate occasions and they helped me meet our deadline. My Seller, an elderly gentleman, didn't have his account information. I called with my dilemma and they walked me through a site that contained all the information that we were looking for. Both times they were very friendly and helpful. I appreciate them."
Real Estate Partner, 10/2021 as posted on Google Reviews

"In comparison to other management companies, Westwind is by far superior in their timely and direct communication. Our Accounting Representative has been wonderful in responding to questions within 24 hours, which has not been my experience with previous companies."
Client Homeowner, 10/2021 as posted on Google Reviews

"Our community just pulled off a miracle thanks to the extraordinary good work of Westwind—and our local Fort Collins team! We went through a many months long negotiation with the City of Fort Collins to sell them some land and provide a temporary easement for widening a roadway adjacent to our community. It was unfortunately contentious and challenging due to the City’s agents’ poor responsiveness. The agreement was finally settled and we were given less than a month to secure 67% voter approval of the agreement…. Westwind’s systems and staff expertise enabled us to pull off this extraordinary feat despite bullying and unrealistic behavior on the part of the City representatives. I want you to know this was a very complex and challenging negotiation involving multiple meetings, engagement of specialized legal counsel that our Association Business Manager secured for us and our HOA legal counsel.
This has been a job well done!...I can’t say enough about the extraordinary performance I witnessed during this process. I am exceedingly grateful!"
Client Board President, 9/2021

"Wow! Our Account Representative has helped me and my family navigate some sticky HOA details after the passing of a family member, including working with the Association Business Manager to clear up account issues in our favor! Thanks for being so responsive and caring in our situation -- we greatly appreciate your help!"
Client Homeowner, 9/2021, from Google Reviews

"Thank you for your professionalism in this process. The Board is very happy to have you as our new property management company. I was impressed with the longevity of your clients which is rare in your business and you should be congratulated for this accomplishment."
Client Board Member, 3/2021

"I am property owner in multiple associations managed by Westwind. The Closing Services Administrator and the Lead Accounting Representative both provided prompt and accurate responses to my requests. There recently was some confusion on my part that they adeptly resolved. Thank you for the excellent service."
Client Homeowner, 3/2021

“I wanted to reach out to tell you how much I appreciate Westwind’s professionalism. In this industry, as you know, transitions can be taken very personally and take a turn for the worse. I wanted to tell you how much I appreciate how Westwind treated me and the relationship we have built over the years. It’s refreshing to know that working with Westwind is respectful and professional. I hope your Holidays are happy and safe. Thank you.”
Industry Colleague, 1/2021

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