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Reflections on the Westwind Experience

“Our association was in a state of disarray when Westwind became our management company, and I have never regretted my vote for your company. I have enjoyed working with our manager over the last three years, his dedication to our community is much appreciate, he is a credit to your organization.” Client Board Member, 11/2018

“I have been on our board almost 10 years now. We have been with Westwind all this time. Our manager is just wonderful to work with; she is a real blessing to us and the community. The same goes for communications with the community…But there are numerous others I am not familiar with…I may point out the office staff is excellent also. They do a great job of supporting us as well as their organization.” Client Board Member, 10/2018

“I wanted to convey again how grateful I am for your graciousness, understanding and assistance…I feel blessed to have been guided by such a caring and thoughtful person as yourself and sincerely hope I wasn’t too much of a pest as we cleared up my account…thank you for making me feel so very comfortable” Client Homeowner, 10/2018

“She is brilliant, amazing and a true professional who gets things done before he even has a chance to ask. It’s so nice as a volunteer to have a true professional working with their community!” Client Committee Volunteer, 8/2018

“Thank you (all!) for all your prompt answers and assistance this week! You’ve done so much to help us feel informed and confident about the decision to buy our first house!” Prospective Homeowner, 8/2018

“My understanding and appreciation goes out to you as you begin managing our community with professionally addressing the many aspects of the transition. I was glad to have a telephone conversation with you both and noted your professional, concerned and gracious way of communicating with a resident.” Client Homeowner, 7/2018

“Thanks for your always prompt responses and help! I am still in awe of the wonderful changes that Westwind consistently provide for us homeowners in comparison to our previous HOA management companies.” Client Homeowner, 7/2018

“Working with you has been a pleasure, and a respectful experience. I am so grateful for the job you and the Board do for our community. We are in a good way thanks to the joint efforts.” Client Homeowner, 5/2018

“Our property would be in disrepair without a great management company like Westwind. I value our manager’s participation in our partnership.” Client Board President, 4/2018

“Each time that we contacted you for assistance, you were kind, gracious and extremely helpful. It is so rare to receive such outstanding customer service from a property management firm. Your exemplary customer service is truly appreciated. Thank you again!” Real Estate Professional, 3/2018

“Among the things our HOA did this year, selecting Westwind was the wisest and….our manager was absolutely the BEST thing that happened this year. Thank you for your continued leadership of our HOA.” Client Board Member, 12/2017

“Westwind is the best collection of true professionals that exemplify community management. It's definitely our pleasure to be able to work with you all.” Vendor Partner, 12/2017

“Thank you for your quick response. All of you at Westwind have been really helpful. I appreciate it and thanks again!” Client Homeowner, 11/2017

“After her prep work for our filing walk she was the best prepared of any manager since we instituted the filing walks. The less paper work we had to do, the maps, everything plus the camera and explanation of what and how to handle the pictures I feel is a super positive and she should be recognized.” Client Board member, 6/2017

“Just wanted to drop you a note to say thank you. Since the arrival of Westwind, our landscape looks so much better. For example, the median and the west side entrance haven’t been maintained in several years, other than adding annual flowers. That entrance is not tended! I know that there are many other areas that you have positively impacted, even beyond landscaping and finances. I am so grateful to you. Please consider me a huge fan of Westwind.” Client Homeowner, 06/2017

“Thanks for responding so quickly. But that was no surprise. We have never had such professional service in my 16+ years here. I hope Westwind knows what an asset you are.” Client Homeowner, 5/2017

“We are so fortunate you agreed to assist us. It is indeed a team effort to be where we are today and everyone has played a role in this. We aren’t there just yet but are on the way to operating our associations as they should be, with efficiency, effectiveness, competency, and in the best interest of our property owners. Thanks again for all you have done to assist us and I can say I am very pleased with where we are today based upon where we were a few short months ago.” Client Board Member, 3/2017

“I just wanted to take a second to say thank you for always going above and beyond to help out when needed. You always answer the phone with a smile and that is also greatly appreciated!” Real Estate Professional, 3/2017

“Wanted you to know, I wish you could have heard the rave review the Board gave Westwind Management at the Annual Membership Meeting. Often we fail to tell others how valuable they are to our success, so I'm passing that along.” Client Onsite Management Partner, 2/2017