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“We are so fortunate you agreed to assist us. It is indeed a team effort to be where we are today and everyone has played a role in this. We aren’t there just yet but are on the way to operating our associations as they should be, with efficiency, effectiveness, competency, and in the best interest of our property owners. Thanks again for all you have done to assist us and I can say I am very pleased with where we are today based upon where we were a few short months ago.” – Client Board Member, 3/2017


“I just wanted to take a second to say thank you for always going above and beyond to help out when needed. You always answer the phone with a smile and that is also greatly appreciated!” – Real Estate Professional, 3/2017


“Wanted you to know, I wish you could have heard the rave review the Board gave Westwind Management at the Annual Membership Meeting. Often we fail to tell others how valuable they are to our success, so I'm passing that along.” – Client Onsite Management Partner, 2/2017


“After reviewing your website, I was very impressed and requested that the board interview your company. I was sent a copy of your proposal by a board member and was even more impressed.” – Prospective Client, 10/2016


“Thank you so much for your prompt reply. I am thrilled that we now have a management company that is courteous and efficient. I have spoken on the phone with a few people, possibly even you, and have been very impressed with your response time.” – Client Homeowner, 9/2016


“This system for emergency calls works so well. Within 15 minutes we had a call back and within 2 hours we had a workman on site. Sure do appreciate Westwind’s well run operation.” – Client Homeowner, 07/2016


“I can tell you that Westwind has been a Godsend compared to many past property managers we have dealt with. We were in perpetual rebidding cycles with others and poor service. I think we have been with them for 7 years (time flies!) and have been extremely happy with their services and assistance. They take a lot of weight off the Board with their organization, proactiveness and ability to deal with issues.” – Client Board member, 07/2016


“I appreciate you being so attentive and available. You have a very difficult job, and I believe you do an amazing one. Have a lovely summer.” – Client Homeowner, 05/2016


“The organization you & your wife have built has been one of the best I’ve dealt with in my career.” – Client Board Member, 04/2016


“Thank you for all your efforts las night to make our Annual Meeting the best one ever. I received so many compliments from the homeowners. Your support was key to our success. Thank you on behalf of me and the board.” – Client Board Member, 03/2016


“Congratulations on a great newsletter. It had some very helpful information and I like the pictures and extra graphics. Good job!” – Client Homeowner, 03/2016


“Awesome! File is closed! You guys really are the best in the business…” – Vendor Partner, 03/2016


“Thank you for always being so easy to work with!” – Real Estate Professional, 02/2016


“Thank you for all the many things you do behind the scenes for us. It is so comforting to know you are out there and have our backs so to speak. I look forward to another fabulous year working together.” – Client Board Member, 02/2016


“Your company is like a breath of fresh air in the management companies that I’ve dealt with over the last 3 years or so. Thank you very much.” – Real Estate Professional, 01/2016


“This morning we experienced an emergency water shut-off to our complex as you are no doubt aware of. I want to thank you so much for keeping my wife and the rest of the community updated with the situation. The e-mails were wonderful and we are very appreciative of them.” – Client Homeowner, 01/2016


“Very nice and shining example of the prompt, courteous and professional service provided by you and the Westwind team.” – Client Homeowner, 01/2016